Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is a national non-profit that has made ground-breaking progress developing the next generation of African American, Hispanic and Native American leaders in major corporations, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

John Legend Bio

John Legend is MLT’s national spokesperson and a member of MLT’s board of directors. John worked for MLT while he was launching his singing career, and he created MLT’s Career Prep program.

John Legend’s music career points to the importance of MLT’s  firm grounding in core business and professional skills, no matter where your dreams take you. He has formed his own production company called John Legend Ventures and successfully manages his own brand.

He also partners with MusicToday , a new business model which channels revenue streams, including merchandise margins and ticket fees, directly to the artist.  MusicToday has been featured in Fast Company and Rolling Stones magazines. 

John Legend is the founder of the Show Me campaign, whose goal is to end economic and spiritual poverty through sustainable development. The campaign challenges fans to become their own forces for good. In partnership with the Millennium Project , the Show Me Campaign has adopted the village of Mbola, in Tanzania, and has pledged to raise $1.6 million dollars to support Mbola in its efforts to lift itself out of poverty.

The Show Me campaign also lends its voice to the following initiatives:

John Legend’s commitment to creating a better world is aligned with MLT’s mission of creating the next generation of leaders.